About Us

Our company has been developing management softwares since 1999, initially based on DOS; later in 2003 we released our Windows based software with SQL database usage.

Naturally, the software is continuously under development. The number of functions and menu items doubled during the last ten years; both by our concepts and by the our coustomers' demands.

Our target group became car services and car part dealers exclusively; thus we try to meet the demands and specificities in this area.

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In 2004

we introduced our monthly fee package as a type of sales, which contains the updates for the software; and our hotline service (support), where we ensure continuous availability.

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In 2006

our company launched by the name of Bonic Studio Ltd. in a new corporate form.

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In 2009

our management software has become the official software of the Bosch Car Service network.

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Since 2013

we have been performing the Hungarian IT hotline and administrative tasks of the Bosch ESI [tronic] diagnostic software.

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In 2020

we began building our Passthru service, which allows car services using Bosch KTS dianostics to have a direct car factory connection.

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Most of our colleagues have more than ten years old experience in software development; and we have been following the specifics and changes of the domestic car industy for 20 years. Our office is located at an easily accessible place in the I. distirct of Budapest.